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Good Day Parents, Carers and Families!


The first term of the year has been eventful! While the flooding incident presented an initial challenge, we’re grateful for the collaboration between our management team, the parents’ committee, and the council as we work together to address the outstanding building issues. Huge thanks to our incredible management team and educators! Their dedication after the flooding incident was truly inspiring. They worked tirelessly alongside our Director, who expertly managed these unforeseen challenges, to get our centre back in top shape. We’re so grateful for their hard work and commitment to creating the best environment for our children. 

On another note, our recent picnic brought the community together beautifully! It was a wonderful success. Thanks to your incredible generosity, the social committee, with the help of our educators and management team, raised additional funds that will go directly towards further enhancing the centre and ensuring our children continue to experience joyful days. We’ll be sharing details about how these funds will be allocated in the coming months.

Finally, we still have a few vacancies for children, so if you know any families looking for a fantastic daycare, please spread the word!

We’re also on the hunt for a talented educator to join our team. If you know someone who might be a great fit, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback for the committee.

We also have WhatsApp groups for families for each room, which are quite helpful for event reminders, lost items, birthday parties, and other playdate requests… Reach out if you need the group link.




The Role of the Committee of Management

The Ada Mary A’Beckett Children’s Centre is a co- operative managed by parents who use the service.   All parents with children enrolled in the Centre must become members of the Ada Mary A’Beckett Association, and as such are eligible to become committee members.

The committee work in conjunction with the director to ensure that the Centre at all times meets all set standards and regulations as per the Education and Care Services National Regulations The director informs the committee of the daily running of the Centre and brings any issues to their attention and reports to the committee at the monthly committee meeting.  The director can also arrange an interim meeting with various office bearers, such as the secretary and the treasurer as required. 

The committee is the employer of all staff and is listed as the responsible persons with the department of human services.  All staff are under the daily direction of the Centre director, and the committee appoints a staff liaison officer to support staff to deal with matters with the director. 

The committee are required to abide by the “Incorporation’s Act” and are also under the guises of the City of Port Phillip, as the Centre receives council sponsorship, in terms of use of the facility, maintenance of the grounds and facilities and a monetary contribution twice a year.

All committee positions are voluntary and are in place for an operational year, being from one AGM to the next.  Vacancies on the committee can be filled throughout the year though all positions are vacated at the AGM and members if standing again, can be re-elected to an office bearing position for no more than five consecutive years.


What does a management committee do?


  • Acts on behalf of the members and clients of the organisation and is accountable to them.
  • Has legal responsibilities under the associations Incorporations reform Act 2012 www.consumer.vic.gov.au
  • Sets the goals and priorities of the centre – after consulting with parents and staff and considering community needs and expectations.
  • Plans and evaluates the services provided and projects undertaken.
  • Decides how funds are to be obtained and allocated, and monitors financial performance through budgeting.
  • Employs staff and ensures that adequate provisions are allocated.
  • Delegates responsibilities to enable the work of the organisation to be achieved.
  • Determines its own structures, systems and processes, including ways of resolving disputes within the organisation.
  • Ensures that premises, equipment and supplies are appropriate.
  • Maintains adequate records and undertakes all necessary administrative tasks.


Committee members 2024

Committee Member



Steph Taupin

Robin Provost


Jasmine Garoni

Chloe Garoni 


Prue Yeung

Beau Burrell   

Kinder 3

Janetta Smith

Fletcher Smith


Rachel Smith

Tom MacGregor


Chrissie Straw

Archie Straw

Ted Straw          

Kinder 3


Ellen Heyting

Remy Heyting  

Raina Heyting   


 Kinder 3

Lana Jefree

Eva Patterson

Kinder 3

Christina Loriente

Anastasia Loriente 


Lindsay Kan

Alexis Kan 

Kinder 3

Regina Staeb

Leonard Staeb  

Kinder 3

Andrew Wynne

Harry Wynne       


Jane Weiler

William Trewhella

Ruby Trewhella


Kinder 3

Elise Hervault

Ezio Herviou  

Kinder 3

Catherine Miller

Brandon Bailey


Bernadette Dower (Our Director)




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