Our Team

We are proud to boast the longevity of our large team, with the majority of educators being employed for over 7 years and a handful of staff reaching between 15 to 20 years of service. Our large team is inclusive of many part time educators returning from maternity leave. This puts us in the enviable position of not needing to use agency relief staff.

The Educators

We employ professional educators who respect each other and work cooperatively as a team to provide a high quality curriculum for all children.

As educators we engage in reflective practice and critical reflection, continually seeking new ways to build our professional knowledge

We encourage positive, open and friendly interaction between educators, children the families and the wider community.

We see change as positive, an opportunity to grow and learn and we are committed to trying new things and encouraging alternative ideas and practices.

We build partnerships with local health professionals, services and the wider community to enhance health promotion capacity.

The Team

Centre Director
Bernadette Dower

Compliance Manager

Lynette Berryman


Staffing Supervisors
Jessica Russell

Educational Leader
Rosanna McDonald

Outdoor educator
Karissa Liparota 

Office Administrator
Kirsty Officer


Spaces available

Enrolments for nursery, toddler and preschool/kindergarten are now available.


learn, play, grow

Ada Mary A'Beckett Children's Centre

2 Batman Road
Port Melbourne 3207

Phone 03 9646 1065