To our Junior's Families


Wominjeka to the Juniors Room Families!

We can’t believe we’re already at the end of term two! What an amazing first half of the year! Our Juniors Room children are continuing to thrive and show us their blossoming personalities each and every day.

This term we saw the introduction of our research question, “How are the children communicating their curiosity and making connections through play?” From our observations, the children are certainly showing us the ways in which they are curious and making connections! Lately, the children are often found following along with the actions of others, using their own observations to fuel their curiosity, repeating and joining in with what they see. Through this, they have shown a wonderful sense of imagination, sharing their thoughts and ideas in their play. The number of dragons and bears we search for in the yard has certainly increased this term! The children are using this to explore, finding new and different ways to use the resources within the room. It’s great to see the ways in which children use their own and the knowledge of others to build upon what they play and create.



Recently we have begun to include time for a yarning circle each day. During these times, the children are exploring a range of new and emerging topics. The children have discovered the Aboriginal flag, exploring the colours and their meanings. We have been discussing the colours on the flag and what they represents. They have learned Indigenous songs about the land on which we live, and have heard stories about Bundjil the Eagle and Waa the Crow. The children have been learning new words like Bunjil, Waa, Djirri Djirrri and Binap.  In the last few weeks, Suyusha has also introduced Auslan to our yarning circles, singing “I can sing a rainbow” and “ABCDs” with both her voice, and her hands. The children love to get involved, and are showing such enthusiasm in their attempts to learn and follow along!



A big interest in the room among all the children has been COLOURS. The children talk about their favourite colours, notice what colour things are or what colour their peers are wearing. This has led to many meaningful conversations about everything colours. Thus, we have been setting up drawing experiences using different colouring mediums and various types of materials to draw on. We have also set up colour sorting activity in the room using natural resources. Furthermore, we have been focusing on small group experiences learning about new colours.

Thank you all for an amazing year so far, we can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Juniors Room Team
Bec, Amanda, Suyusha, Linda, Briony and Ange

learn, play, grow

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