To our Kinder Three families



Dear kinder 3 families,

What an exciting start to the term and year we have had. Most of the children settled really well and made positive relationships with their Educators. There are still a couple of children who are struggling with morning separations. To help them through this difficult time we prepared the social story to help prepare your child before coming to kinder, but please be assured it doesn’t take them long to become engaged in the program and start having fun.

We are happy to let you know that as planned we have started our morning intentional teaching and we are amazed by the thirstful learning from all the children. So far, we have covered the following subjects, preparation for our community outings by talking about keeping safe for example, Road Safety, Beach Safety, Dog Safety and being Sun Smart. We have also been learning about our emotions to help with new environments, dealing with conflicts, sharing and taking turns. Our emotion puppet has been very helpful in recognising our emotions and introducing the colour monsters. This gives the children time to reflect on how they are feeling and recognize their emotions. Moving forward we have made a slight change to our intentional teaching as we will be adding cooking with Chris and gardening with Zain. We are very excited to see Chris and Zain bring these life skills into the classroom as we will be using the garden produce grown with Zain to cook with Chris. We would love to invite your input, knowledge and skills on these topics as we know children love seeing their parents being involved in the program.



It is really beautiful to watch the children build closer friendships and watch them work as part of a team helping each other. To help the children build these relationships and feel as a united team we all created a kinder 3 agreement allowing the children and teachers to share their ideas. This allowed the children to suggest what they want in the kinder 3 room and how they think we can be safe and happy.

It has been a wonderful start of the year and we are all very excited to continue on our new learning adventure. I have no doubt the fun, learning and growing is going to continue.

Kinder 3 Team

learn, play, grow

Ada Mary A'Beckett Children's Centre

2 Batman Road

Port Melbourne 3207