To our Kinder Three families



Time has definitely flown and we are already at the end of Term 2! The past couple of months have been fun filled in K3. We have seen children extending their varied interests with great energy and enthusiasm. The months of April and May have seen a large group interest in storytelling, music and drama. They enjoyed listening to long stories and re-enacting the story line using their own scripts and imagination. We have further explored this with puppet making and puppet shows, alongside learning Dreamtime stories.

There was also huge interest in building and creating using different materials and resources. Children were making their own fort, boats, houses, shops and vehicles. In consultation with David Gilkes, an early childhood specialist, we collaboratively worked together to formulate our research question, “How are children communicating and problem solving using their materials?”. From here, we are co-researching and investigating with children to see how his develops into possible lines of inquiry.

To promote children’s emerging numeracy, literacy and pre-writing skills, we have provided different experiences such as science experiments, matching/sorting games, music & movement and community walks/nature exploration. 



We also had several successful events this term. The VIP Event, and this week’s celebration of Crazy Hair, Rainbow, Pyjama and Disco Days were all fun filled! These events continue to help us make each child feel a sense of community. We are very grateful for your ongoing participation to our program.

Recently, we have also been discussing body safety with children. This covers discussions about our emotions, body boundaries (personal space) and identifying body parts. Our lessons remain age appropriate talking about basic points such as the importance of clothing, learning about our personal space, and making safe choices when sharing common space with others.  

We are looking forward to the remaining half of the year!

As always, should you have any concerns/questions, please let us know!

learn, play, grow

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