To our Nursery Families




We are now half way through the year! It has been great to see all the children form connections with each educator and settle in, showing us all their personalities!

Moving into term 3, many of the children are beginning to show an interest in becoming independent and developing their self-help skills. We will continue to encourage this area of development by providing opportunities for self-feeding, hand washing, wiping hands and face and scraping their bowls after meal times.












We are also planning to take the children out on community walks, exploring beyond Ada Mary; spending time in nature is a great way to extend language development.  Many children are beginning to point to what they see and are learning many new words. If you have not yet completed an excursion permission form please let one of the nursery staff know so we can supply you with one.



There are many learning opportunities in the outdoor environment and the indoor/outdoor program allows children to choose where they want to play – even when it has been raining, we will use our wet weather pants to help keep children’s pants dry while they are outdoors exploring. If you could please ensure to pack extra clothes, socks and a jacket to keep your child warm or if they need a change.

We look forward to seeing each child learn, grow and develop over the next half of the year.

The Nursery Team 


learn, play, grow

Ada Mary A'Beckett Children's Centre

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