To our Toddler Families




This year just continues to keep flying by! We can’t believe that we are halfway through the year

Throughout term two we have started to go on our community walks. The children have displayed such joy and excitement as they explore the local beach and park. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get out as often as we had hoped, throughout term 3 and 4 we aim to go on our walks more frequently and ensure that each child is given the opportunity to explore our beautiful local community that surrounds us. On the few occasions when we have been across to the beach we collected various treasures that we placed in a bucket to take back to our room. Some of the materials we found included shells with various sizes, shapes, colours and textures; we also collected different leaves, bark and large gum nuts.  Adding these materials into our play spaces allowed the children to extend their creativity and imagination as well as enhancing their senses.

We have also been running small group learning experiences. Throughout these group experiences, we have introduced picture cards that have images of different colours, animals and day to day items. We have been amazed by the children’s reactions to these cards, they are showing great enthusiasm and attention. These group times help the children’s language development as well as build their confidence to be part of a small group. This in turn helps increase their social skills and confidence.




The children have expressed a huge interest in imaginative play with their peers. The children are absolutely loving the new program additions, especially the kitchen corner! Through-out the day, the children are seen re-visiting the kitchen area to engage in solo play or group play. The children use their imaginative skills as they role play cooking, serving, eating & washing the utensils. The children are also enjoying taking care of the baby dolls within the room and are displaying great care by gently rocking and patting the baby dolls. Some children are using their imagination to express the baby dolls feelings & needs, “baby sad,” “baby hungry,” “baby nappy,” “baby cuddle.”

We would like to thank all the Toddler’s room families for their constant support and communication so far. It has been lovely getting to know all of the toddler families, we have enjoyed supporting and documenting your child’s development throughout term 1 & 2. It is always a pleasure to watch each child achieve various milestones and strive to continually grow, learn and explore.



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