Beach discovery

We believe in the rich learning and well documented health benefits of connecting children to the natural environment; connection to their local community and the importance of fostering a love and wonder for play and learning. Our beautiful seaside location provides a non-structured, inquiry based learning platform, where children have the opportunity to be, to wonder, to explore, learn and discover!

On beach discovery sessions, children will:

Be given long periods of uninterrupted play with reduced limitations on time, space and resources.

Be self-initiated and spontaneous in their play giving them ownership over their own learning

Have contact with the natural environment to promote physical, social, cognitive and emotional benefits

Build authentic connections, understandings and relationships with the local environment and the diversity of learning it offers

Use the natural environment to engage in physical play providing an endless variety of cognitive, physical and creative challenges for children to negotiate, problem solve, practice and master.

Explore nature through hands-on discovery learning, to promote active engagement, motivation and creativity.

Engage in real life and contextual encounters with the local context 

Be given the opportunity to design, create, investigate and create using natural materials in unique ways

Explore natures elements in all its diversity

Learn about the implications of diverse weather conditions and the effect it has on the natural environment

Engage in sustainable initiatives to foster a love and care for the natural environment and local community

learn, play, grow

Ada Mary A'Beckett Children's Centre

2 Batman Road

Port Melbourne 3207