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Dear Parents and Guardians of Ada Mary,


It is hard to believe we are already half way through the year! In the Platypus Room we have had had a wonderful journey of learning, growth, fun, and discovery. Here are a few highlights that we would love to share with you…

Speaking and Understanding our Daily Acknowledgement of Country:
Each morning, the Platypus room’s children and educators state our center Acknowledgement of Country together. Educators support children’s learning by reading our own picture story book, to go along with the words. The book is filled with photographs of our Platypus children engaging in positive connections and contributions to the people, land, animals and water of the land on which we live, laugh, and play.


Road, Fire, and Community Safety:
Working alongside our Preschool classroom, and wider local community, the children have been learning a lot about public and personal safety. Our preschool children superheroes have visited to teach us how to be safe on the street. Additionally, extending upon children’s interests, we set up a fire station and firetruck in our classroom for free dramatic play. We learnt how to respond calmly and appropriately in the event of a fire emergency, and how to follow direction of our teachers in order to care for ourselves and others. We are so proud of our little firefighters and how much they are caring for the wellbeing of themselves and their peers.

Our Floor-Books:
Our term one and term two floor books have been very popular with the educators, children, and families. Each day, when we bring the floor-book to our children, they jump with excitement. They then offer to cut photos, make their mark in pencil or crayon, or give quotes for their teachers to scribe onto the page. Their strong developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills have supported the development of a meaningful curriculum. Allowing children to feel seen, heard and respected as members of our centre community. Please feel free to come on by, and take a look at our books, just outside the Platypus room door.

Thank-you to all our wonderful educators, children and families for what has been a truly amazing start to 2024. We look forward to all the adventures ahead of us.

Best wishes (and keep warm),

From the Platypus Room Team





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