To our Preschool Families

Wominjeka families, welcome to preschool!



How are we half-way through 2023 already? The year is just flying by!

We are so proud of how all the children are growing and developing and achieving their individual learning goals.

Over the past few months we have been focusing on building children’s emotional literacy, body autonomy and confident voices. We aim to empower all our children to become leaders of their own learning and take on increasing responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Children are being encouraged to communicate their wants, needs, thoughts and ideas to their educators and peers through an array of verbal and non-verbal methods. This includes using music and movement, dance, song, drama, talking, puppetry, viewing, and reading and writing.

Some of the communication methods we have been exploring include Aboriginal dreaming stories, written Koori language. For Reconciliation Week this year, the Preschool children were learning about the concept of “perspective”. They looked at a range of optical illusions, with the aim of building an early awareness of the importance of engaging with a range of different perspectives and ‘truths’. We are building more worldly individuals and celebrating our diverse multicultural Australian community and First Peoples.




In our local community we have also been exploring native flora and fauna, learning to connect to land, advocate for nature, and build more sustainable practices. Many of the preschool children love the adventure of exploring the Port Melbourne area, and this has led to a wonderful inquiry into the children’s question “Where is the fox?” and our “Scarecrow” construction project. We have also been connecting to community with our ANZAC Day wreath poster, which was donated to the local dawn service. This learning can be read about in our classroom floor book.

Through our community outings and beach discovery sessions, we have also been learning about road and community safety. We are all looking forward to our excursion to Essendon Traffic School, where the children will be able to put their theoretical learning into practical hands-on experiences.

We look forward to Term 3, and all the fun and learning it will bring. Thank-you for all your amazing support so far. We are so lucky to have you with us this year.

Holly, Lyvania, Sarah, Brodie, & Kavita




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